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1000x Stronger than your average CBD


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What makes CBDA different from CBD?

Cannabinoids are oily molecules that don't mix well with water. Because our patented CBDA Oxy Oil is hydrophilic, our oil does combine with water. Now that our oil has exposed lauric acid, it can bind to cannabinoids, combine with water, and pass through your body in this situation. Our CBDA is stabilized through our patent formula, the Oxy Oil helps contain the "A" molecule which other companies can't!


Mouth-watering flavorful CBDA Nightcap!

Our 1000mg of CBDA night cap syrup may help with stress, pain, focus, recovery, sleep, and wake up refreshed!

Our Mission

Get to Know Us

Our goal is to provide a healthier alternative to pain relief  to rid away from addictive opioids and treatments. we aim to provide the highest quality of pain relief treatment for you and your loved ones whether you're having trouble sleeping or have a bad back, here at 9TH WONDER ORGANICS we have your back ! 

Therapeutic Capabilities

Oxyoil-CBDA has restorative and therapeutic capabilities on its own, but we were able to generate that covalent link when we combined it with CBD. It has more potency per dose than leading CBD brands, promoting fast long-acting joint and muscle pain relief.