Our Story


9th Wonder Organics 

9th Wonder Organics owns a 20-year patent on this powerful technology and we are one in six companies in the world who can sell this product. We are dedicated to bringing awareness about the benefits of our product and how it is proven to provide pain relief and stress relief of our everyday lives. We strive to continue to deliver a product that is 100% compliant with the 2018 farm bill, safe and effective, to allow our customers to live a healthy lifestyle, while potentially alleviating any pain they might have. The great thing about 9th wonder is that all our products are derived from 100% organic hemp and not treated with any harmful pesticides and nutrients sourced here in the USA.

What is CBDA?

A common, non-intoxicating cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBDA is the precursor of CBD

Most manufacturing processes destroy the plant's natural acid (the A in CBDA) but our patented Oil Mixed with our process preserves it allowing it to be absorbed easily and travel through the body quickly. penetration and absorption are the most important properties to be successful in delivering a product to the target area.